Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Autumn at its peak

Rainy today, I can't concentrate on anything without the distraction of my favorite magnolia tree outside my glass door. It's the tree that keeps on giving, and changes constantly throughout the year. I plan to capture the essence of the tree and imprint the leaves in my next clay project. Last night was my weekly pottery class and I always feel energized by the group of feisty and talented women who are the Tuesday night regulars. It was very productive; I made a large plate decorated with Japanese maple leaves in white stoneware clay but prefer working with the creamy buttery texture of porcelain and the ability to make it almost paper thin. It's always good to get outside your comfort zone, though. I also made a set of four Morning glory saucers to match the set of plates I have yet to fire.


  1. Wow, you have a lovely property, love the magnolia and the maple is spectacular, what state do you live in? Love your nature inspired ceramics work cant' wait to see the glazing you choose for the oak bowl.

  2. I live in New York and the maple is not on my property but down the road. I passed it the other day and sadly all of the leaves have dropped, me with my magnolia but you'll see some pots with these leaves soon! I'm firing the oak bowl tomorrow so I hope to post the results this weekend. Thank you for joining my blog...I love your pottery!


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