Friday, November 13, 2009

Psycho purple....Qu'est-ce que c'est? Fa fa fa fa fa...

There's an oft used word in my vocabulary which basically plays it safe when expressing a non commital unobjective opinion about a piece of art - that word is 'Interesting' - pronounced, "inn-ter-estttinggg". Essentially meaning, 'eck', 'ick', or 'ugh'. What an 'interesting' psychedelic purple surprise! Unhappy with my glazing from the first try on these little echinacea bowls (Oct. 19th post), I researched and found that applying hairspray to the piece, reglazing, and refiring would do the trick. I applied Coyote Pansy purple high fire glaze, channeled my pop art upbringing, and wow - these look straight from the 60's! I prefer these in the bisque white state and think I'll make another more subdued not so interesting set glazed matte white.


  1. Hi Sue, I like the purple ones - but I happen to like purple, but I also like the white ones. It is interesting to see both photos next to one another to see how much the clay shrinks. I must remember to do this with some of my pottery. I had a bread serving dish I used purple surprise glaze on and it was so terrible I threw it away even after refiring. I still have a whole bucket full, one of these days I hope it will turn out like your glaze above, it was flat purple and looked like a crayone color, ugh.

    Sorry about loosing all your raku pots, I hope my ceramics will fare ok packed away, we shall see in a few months.

  2. Hi Linda, Sorry I just noticed you made a comment on this post. One of these days I'm going to get up enough nerve to post my glaze rejects just for the heck of it. I have two pots waiting to be reglazed and I'm hoping they'll turn out okay. I'm sure your ceramics will fare okay, it's just that Raku in particular is fragile to begin with and I wasn't as savvy about packing/shipping pottery 30 years ago as I am now.

  3. I've heard about the hair spray trick before. Do you spray the piece, let it dry, then reglaze? Or do you open up the bottle and use a brush to apply the hairspray? And when firing a second time, do you fire at the same cone as the original firing?


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