Friday, December 11, 2009

Japanese Maple Leaf Platter

So I took a break from porcelain and decided to try stoneware for a change. Much as I love working with porcelain, it's so annoyingly fragile and demanding, requiring the patience of Job; like a high maintenance relative whom you have to tip toe around their moods, but you love them nonetheless, because they're family...if that's a good analogy. Stoneware, well it's malleable and obedient and respectful of your time; like dogs, thrilled to be in your presence. None of this unpredictable cracking and warping porcelain which I'm utterly and hopelessly addicted to...because the end result is worth the challenge.
This white stoneware hand formed slab platter is 15" in diameter and imprinted with leaves picked from my neighbor's blazing red maple tree. The leaves were painted with Aamco semi-moist watercolors and restrainly splattered (al la Jackson Pollack style) with orange and red underglaze, then finished with a satin matte overglaze. I photographed outside the other day during the first snowfall of the season.


  1. I love your work, you photographs, and your writing. I can tell that you are an exceptional person.

  2. Thank you wearer of rose colored glasses, but I think you might be a bit biased? xo

  3. What a wonderful feeling that platter has. I happen to love maples so the leaves are just perfect to me and I love the spattering you have done. What cone are you firing to?

  4. Hi Linda, Thank you - I was pleasantly surprised when it came out of the kiln and couldn't believe how similar it looked to my porcelain pieces. The clay was deep grey and oily in texture and I was a bit skeptical working with it after being conditioned by the buttery smoothness of porcelain. It bisque fired a brighter white than porcelain too - which was quite nice. It was glaze fired at Cone 04.


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