Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring can't come soon enough

As predicted, the torrential rains slammed the NYC metropolitan area last weekend (roughly the equivalent of 4 ft. of snowfall). I was relieved to see the final clumps of snow melting away the memory of the massive snowstorm that hit the East coast a few weeks back and took out the power of some 250K families in the Hudson Valley. ­ Three days of no power, water, and heat in freezing weather was an eternity. Had I been alone perhaps I’d have managed but with two sullen teenagers in a house without Internet/TV, conjured scenes from the 'Shining' with 'REDRUM' scrawled across the walls. The barely used backup generator in my backyard failed me because the mice took over and ate through the gas line. My lazy cats looked at me like 'what did we do wrong and where's my food BTW?' A much planned and anticipated weekend away at the Philadelphia Flower with Joe got cancelled as he drove up to my rescue. Wading through 2 ft. of snow, my kids and I shoveled feverishly but got nowhere. We finally gave in to the futility of it all, tossed aside our shovels, and fell flat on our backs laughing that exhausted uncontrollable giddy laugh. You had to be there. Or not. In the end, we all survived.

I did learn a few things:

  • Did you know that 5 gallons of snow equals 1/2 gallon of water when melted?
  • That snow makes your hair nice and shiny in a gummy kind of way?
  • You can crush coffee beans quite efficiently with a meat mallet
  • Prevent freezer food from thawing by packing in plastic storage containers under two feet of snow
  • Snow is the pefect backdrop for photographing pottery

Most importantly extended periods of no power can test your mental reserves and the only ones who will save this planet are blue collar workers because they know how to effortlessly handle a chain saw and get the job done without complaint...

And speaking of blue, that indescribable color inside a pile of shoveled snow is otherworldly. But I’m looking forward to the pale green color or newly formed leaf buds.

Spring can¹t come soon enough....


  1. Hey Sue, really like your new header, think I have a new favorite color. There must be coral under that blue. Looks too like there are dolphins schooling round and round. Very beautiful work. The way you used the snow for a background was clever and makes those photos stand out. All your photos are well thought out btw. Like you, I am hoping we are done with the snow. Can’t wait to see how Spring influences you.

  2. Thank you....I'm working on a Spring color glaze palette now and it looks pretty bright and bold.

  3. What a bummer no electric, we don't know how much we depend upon it till we don't have it. Once when we lived in the mountains we were without electricity for 5 days. Gary was out plowing the driveway with the tractor he came in freezing and I said just a minute I'll dry your gloves in the dryer for you. I ran in and put them in the dryer and then nothing. duh. I will keep in mind the mallet as I loved my coffee beans, but how did you make the coffee on top of a woodstove?


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